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My role as the Marketing Coordinator for Robinson Home was to develop a marketing department, nurture relationships in the community, and increase brand awareness. These goals were accomplished through a year-long marketing plan with strategies and tactics including: a new website, social media campaigns and management, e-mail drip campaign, blogs, and events.

Web design | PHOTOGRAPHY | Content Creation | social media

website design + management

Robinson Home's new website was designed to be simple, yet informative. My clients wanted no visitor leaving with any questions. The text was redrafted to reach our target audience and provide better understanding to those unfamiliar with interior design. It was important to make sure the website design was easy to navigate and did not take away from the images showcasing the projects. A blog was included in the new website to provide visitors with additional design insight. 


Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest were used to increase brand awareness, engagement, and customer loyalty. I crafted a brand style guide to use as a resource when styling, photographing, and writing to ensure the content was cohesive.



Events were a tactic we used to engage with the community. It is easy to get stuck behind an image on social media, but I believe the best relationships are still nurtured and built in person. Events were designed to benefit multiple industries and connect visitors with locally-owned businesses.

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